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Painting Your Outdoor Furniture

Giving old wood furniture a new coat of paint will bring that furniture back to life. You can get very creative on the way you paint and the colors you choose. The two common methods of painting will be using a paint brush or using a spray gun.

Begin by choosing the piece of furniture you will be painting. If you are painting your outdoor furniture choose an exterior paint meant for furniture. Tape any parts you do not want painted. If possible remove any parts you do not want painted. Remove things such as handles, knobs, or any deco you do not want paint on.

Use newspaper or a painter’s cloth to put on the floor. Work slowly to avoid any type of mess. Give the furniture a light coat of paint and let it dry before applying the next coat.

If the furniture has chipped dry paint or rust use sandpaper to remove or even out the area. Remove sharp edges and corners with sandpaper if needed. Clean the furniture from any sawdust before you paint.

If you are using a spray gun you will want to practice on some scrap wood before you apply it to the furniture. Practice the strokes and adjust the spray pattern if required.

Spray painting furniture is much easier and faster than a brush. Another benefit is the professional results you get with a spray gun. If you are new or have never used a spray gun you will need to practice to get good results. The distance from the gun to the furniture is important. You do not want to apply the paint to fast as this will create runs. It is not difficult to master this skill it just requires a little practice.

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