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Welcome to the Northbridge Builders Coalition

Welcome to the Northbridge Builders Coalition

Here on our site you will find a list of resources for building projects. Most of these projects come with free detailed plans.

Building Resources

If you have blueprints you would like to add contact us and let us know.

Let us know of any great blueprints you have come across and we will add them to our resources.

More Projects

The time to get outdoors and start enjoying the outdoors is almost here. To relax outdoors it will be great to have plenty of benches and outdoor tables. The owners of http://www.diygardenplans.net/ have been updating their site with plenty of projects.

You can go to the site and see the latest update of a beautiful small chicken coop. The plans are so detailed that anyone can construct it with out ever having built a project like this before.

There are many plans to build outdoor furniture, check out this site for plenty of free plans http://www.diywwplans.com/ this list here will get you going with plenty of ideas.

If you are thinking about a bigger project such as a shed or pergola now its the time to get started to avoid the hot summer weather.

Construction Blueprints for Shed

There is many software to draw up plans for shed. The most popular and the one that is commonly used is autocad.

You can save time by going online and finding blueprints that have already been created. Many websites will post the plans for free.

Another option you can take is using the software yourself and drawing up your own blueprints. If you are not familiar with this software it will require some time to learn.

If you just need plans to build a shed fast go here.

This video will give you a basic understanding of how to use autocad.

One important step before you begin building your garden shed will be getting permission to build. Get informed to see if a building permit will need to be obtained. The permits required will depend on where you live. Most times a permit is only required if the structure is bigger than 12x12. It is ideal to check before you start building a shed, check with your building department for the requirements in your area.

A garden shed is not difficult to build; it is a very basic structure. First you begin with framing and building the foundation, walls and then the roof. To eliminate all the guess work when it comes to measurements, consider using shed garden shed plans.

Garden sheds come in a variety of styles. The most common garden shed design is the gable roof design. The gable roof shed is the most common and easiest to build. One reason for the gable shed being the most popular is because it blends well to existing homes.

The garden shed plans I used were purchased on the internet. These plans had step-by-step diagrams that made building very easy. Having plans is essential if you want this project to go smoothly. You do not need to be a professional builder as long as you have plans to guide you.

Measures On How To Make A Do It Yourself Shed

In case you are having the thoughts of earning a garden shed on your own along with realized that this may be something which many people complete, then you must not be concerned about a thing. When a few simple measures will be followed, you can be satisfied that you will not get to experience a great deal of troubles. So many types of programs are available today in the market that can be of great assistance throughout building a garden shed of your own. nonetheless, you will have to ascertain that all needed materials are present for the structure of your garden. When it is done, there is no need for you to go on running back to the store following you found out that you neglected on something. You can see many steps which are simple in relation to making a garden shed in the adhering to discussions.

The initial step you will have to have is constructing a shape right after choosing a specific position for your garden shed. You need to apparent and excavate the area by debris and dirt and level the ground. Cinder blocks ought to be placed in the area so that the basic foundation can be supported.

With the use of timber frames, you can now make a decks. The moment that the outer shape is put in place, you need to put some two by six to eight inch of wood in a very vertical position and have these individuals attached using some nails into the frame constructed. You will need to possibly be very cautious with the sizes as the joists need to be inserted evenly.

If your deck will likely be completed, you will need to make some reduce walls. Wooden panels that happen to be eight feet in height ought to be used and then spread these available so you can create sides, major and bottom plates in addition to studs which need to have a new sixteen inch space in the middle of. All of the pieces can be fastened together with the use of a twist gun and have the procedure duplicated until the whole panels usually are attached.

If you already have accomplished the two walls in the front, you should add 2 by means of 4 inches of real wood on top of the wall to be able to create a double top form of plate which can enable the backyard shed to strengthen. So as to web form the exterior part, you should be capable of use four by ten inches of OSB bedding right after the completion of just about all wall panels.

Then, it is possible to finally construct the roof. You should cut the plywood from two by six in . measurements of boards in order that roof rafters can be produced. They will have to be thirteen in . tall and must be linked with cleats coming from OSB. Now, there is a need for one to raise the roof rafters and possess them secured with headers.


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If you want more information for building your own outdoor furniture take a look at the resources below. Most of these projects can be built by anyone as long as you can follow the plans and have the right tools.

These are just some of the projects from the web site. You can see the complete list by going to the main web site. Below are some DIY videos with some great details for building outdoor garden furniture.